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@ubcdigital/governable - v1.0.3

Governable: Distributed Organizations

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This repository contains the source code for governable, an open standard for managing distributed organizations on top of Symbol from NEM, and compatible networks.

This library empowers the creation and operations of distributed organizations using Symbol from NEM and compatible networks.


This library empowers the creation and operations of distributed organizations using Symbol from NEM and compatible networks.

A distributed organization is represented by the following properties, which have to be agreed upon by operators during an initial launch agreement:

  • An agreement transaction: Consists of a multi-signature account which uses SecretLockTransaction and TransferTransaction to prove a DAO agreement of operators on-chain.

  • A target account: Consists of a public account that was agreed upon by operators to represent the distributed organization as an entity. This account will be converted to a multi-signature account where cosignatories are the operators of the DAO.

  • A governance mosaic: Consists of a digital asset that is created only for the purpose of keeping track of operators' ability to help with decision making in a distributed organization. Governance mosaics are always non-transferrable. This implies that a transfer of authority is not possible and, isntead, enforces an agreement to be persisted on-chain.

Contracts found here

Contract Name Description
CreateAgreement Contract for starting a DAO launch agreement with associates (other operators), and thereby initiating the process of creation of a distributed organization. Note, that the first listed operator account will fund the account used for the agreement with 1 symbol.xym. This amount is sent to the target account when the agreement has been commited to and confirmed on the network.
CommitAgreement Contract for finalizing a DAO launch agreement. Operators must be the same as those whom previously executed the CreateAgreement contract. The funds locked by secret are hereby unlocked and owned by the agreed upon target public account of the DAO.
CreateDAO Contract for creating a distributed organization with operators. A launch agreement MUST have taken place before and also MUST be accessible through the network to read information about the agreed target account public key.


npm i -g @ubcdigital/governable

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